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Why Your Small Business Should Adopt New Technology Gradually

There are tons of technological tools that can help your small business. But adopting all of this new technology at once can be overwhelming and potentially lead to lost productivity. Instead, it may be more beneficial to take small steps.

Small Business Trends caught up with Rebekah King, director of marketing systems for Cox Automotive at the recent Salesforce Dreamforce event in San Francisco. Cox Automotive is a company that helps dealers and other automotive companies digitize their marketing and sales processes. King is therefore perfectly familiar with how technology can help businesses of all sizes. But just because technology can be useful does not mean that you should simply adopt all the technological tools available immediately.

In fact, King says that Cox Automotive's strategy is more about taking small steps. And she thinks it's a model that can work well for businesses of all sizes, regardless of the size of the vision.

Implementation of technology step by step

King said, "We can have a great vision on the unification of our customer experience, but we do it by putting one foot in front of the other in a very small and practical way. And one day, after doing that, you'll find that you've put in place a comprehensive program that moves your business forward, but you did not spend seven months understanding it or two years formulating the strategy. just spent three weeks on this piece. "

So, for small businesses looking to develop a technology adoption strategy, King advises to pick a little thing on which to focus. Then make this little change and run it completely before moving on to the next thing.

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King added, "The most practical thing is to take some of the functionality you want to be able to do.If you want to grow lead – the lead nurturing is a huge vision from beginning to end, so start with some of that. "


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