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Women Startup Challenge Europe awards 50K € to technology startups

How can we disrupt a technological culture that makes it difficult for women entrepreneurs to access capital?

The fact is that there are a lot of talented women, and we have to keep putting our money where we are and fund startups run by women. Disparities in funding for women-led technology startups is a global problem. Only 10% of the global investor's money goes to female-led startups, yet women-run businesses outperform men-led businesses by 35%. We must do better, and that is what we aim to do in the Women Startup Challenge Europe.

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Allyson Kapin, the founder of Women Who Tech, says:

"If we want to solve the most difficult problems our communities are facing at the national and international levels, we must encourage and invest in a culture of innovation from diverse perspectives, which means helping startups run by various founders. "

The case is, I am a partner of the Women Startup Challenge through the philanthropic fund Craig Newmark, and we just launched applications for our 5th Startup Challenge and our first international competition. We address this issue by working with technology ecosystems across Europe to find the most promising startups led by women.

The contest will feature 10 finalists presenting their projects to a panel of executives from the technology industry on Wednesday, May 3, at London City Hall, hosted by Mayor Sadiq Khan's office. .

The jurors include:

  • Baroness Martha Lane Fox, founder of Doteveryone
  • Marie-Laure, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of (the first global internet portal dedicated to women)
  • Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia
  • Fatou Diagne, co-founder of Bootstrap Europe
  • Martin Bryant, Tech North community editor and former editor of Next Web
  • Cathy White, Founder of CEW Communications and Former Head of Communications for Tech City UK
  • Hussein Kaj, Founding Partner of Hoxton Ventures
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Submit your application now for a chance to receive funding (50K €) for your startup.