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Wyoming Bill passes to state Senate, aims to exempt tokens from security regulations

The Legislature of the State of Wyoming passed Bill 70 on March 6, exempting certain blockchain tokens from securities laws.

The bill, which was unanimously passed at the third reading of the Wyoming House of Representatives on February 19, was passed in the Senate 27-3 after its third reading yesterday.

Blockchain Tokens offered through an initial offer of coins (ICO) or in any other manner may be exempted from the regulations provided that the token is not marketed "Provided for the purpose of receiving goods or services", and the developer or seller does not attempt "to manipulate the price of the token on a secondary market. "

March 5, the Wy oming state legislature also passed another crypto-related bill with a majority of 28-3, House Bill 19, concerning the l. virtual currency exemption from the Wyoming Money Transmitter Act.

A different cryptocurrency bill, Bill 111 Senate, exempting virtual currencies from the state property tax also passed in the Wyoming Senate Feb. 16. On March 6, this bill was passed second reading in the House of Representatives according to Legiscan Legislative Service