Xerox's Gabi Voice lets you talk to your printer

Imagine printing 20 pages for a customer presentation simply by asking your printer to do it. The wave of artificial intelligence innovations resulting in a variety of voice-assisted applications makes all this possible. Xerox (NYSE: XRX) is the latest company to introduce such feature with Gabi Voice, a desktop assistant powered by IBM Watson's voice control technology.

Xerox Gabi Voice

Working with Xerox AltaLink multifunction printers, Gabi can receive user commands for printing, scanning, copying, faxing or placing a service call. This means that you do not have to go through a menu tree on a printer to complete a task.

Voice commands suppress manual processes that take time and valuable human resources. For small businesses with a limited workforce, dictating your print jobs will create a more efficient work environment.

That's what Tracey Koziol, senior vice president of Xerox's Business Solutions Solutions group, mentioned in a recent press release. Koziol says, "Let's face it – hassle-free accessibility and ease of use are important prerequisites for achieving the greatness of the workplace and we are well on our way to achieving that goal. Gabi Voice is an important addition to our ConnectKey portfolio that allows today's diverse workforce to do more with confidence, speed and accuracy. "


The material

This is how Gabi Voice works. The 1-to-1 Gabi Smartbox is a micro-controller equipped with Ethernet / USB / Bluetooth communicating directly with AltaLink printers.

A dedicated and integrated microphone and speaker are connected directly to the Gabi Smartbox, allowing interaction between the user and the printer.

Voice commands

The voice-activated user interface adapts using the corresponding set of executable actions by a machine from a whitelist of known functions to perform the job . So even if you have an accent or difficulty speaking because of a speech impediment, Gabi Voice will adapt to the variances and perform the task.

According to Xerox, saying "Gabi, make 10 black and white double-sided copies" or "Gabi, make 10 black and white double-sided copies" will be interpreted in the same way.

Xerox also highlights the security features of Gabi Voice to highlight the effort that the company has put into the system to ensure the protection of the interaction. These include whitelisting capabilities for performing preprogrammed functions, storage and encryption, voice activation with pre-programmed commands and automatic updates.

Gabi Smartbox also meets the main safety guidelines and certifications, including ISO 9001, SOC 1, SOC 2, FISMA, NIST, 508 (c), GDPR and others, according to the company.

Supports the 1973 Rehabilitation Act

Although voice-assisted solutions may seem trivial in some cases of use, they are extremely important for people with different abilities. Being able to use voice commands and having them performed is invaluable for the visually impaired, those with limited mobility or other physical limitations.

Gabi Voice supports Article 508c of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which covers the accessibility of information technology for all.

The feature is now available for purchase from a Xerox representative or partner with whom more details and purchase costs will be available.

Image: Xerox