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You are the moral compass of your company

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Here is another story to which you can identify yourself or have not yet lived in your professional life. It's one of those who define your leadership in the sight of all, sometimes on the basis of decisions taken in the moment, like this one.

A history of the judgment judgment of a CEO

Years ago, when I was CEO of my record-making business in Hollywood, it happened to me to be circulating in the newsroom just like Bobby, one of the collaborators favorite of employees, offered stolen goods to his comrades. a bag that he wore. He stopped and waited for me to react, obviously caught in the act. Everyone loved Bobby, a hard worker and a good friend. But I fired him on the spot; the only possible answer to the situation has presented me so suddenly. After the initial shock, a number of employees came to see me that day and told me that they understood how difficult this decision was, but that they knew that it was the right thing to do.

How your decisions affect your business

You will see many times during your management years that such decisions are submitted to you, requiring a quick and flawless response to an ethical challenge for you or your company. How you behave in these situations is absolutely the litmus test for how your business culture will reflect your actions. Take the home business supplies for personal use? Your employees will surely follow your example, no matter the policy. Treat personal expenses at the cost of the company, and your salespeople will feel good about doing the same thing until they are caught.

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Behaving without regard to the dignity of an individual by separating an employee who is a direct relationship, and other managers will feel little inclined to devote time and energy to soften their actions. Modify the accounting results to make sure that one month is fine, and your accounting department will receive the message that GAAP accounting is just for the show.

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Difficult decisions that define your leadership

It's not easy to always be the moral compass of the organization, but it's the right thing and can not be compromised. And you will continue to enjoy the stories of time that have been told to you by your employees over time.