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YouTube Expands Community Functionality by Enabling Businesses to Strengthen Customer Engagement

YouTube recently announced that its "Community" feature would be available to creators of more than 10,000 subscribers.

YouTube Community

About a year ago, YouTube launched a "Community" feature that allowed guest creators to connect to their audience between uploads with GIF files, text, images, polls and more. Following its success, the video content platform now extends access to more creators.

"We worked closely with creators to design, test and perfect this product," said YouTube product manager Roy Livne in an official article. "Now, we want to take this opportunity to share some of our learning and updates."

YouTube Reels

In addition to the community, YouTube has also joined the growing trend by adding a Snapchat-like format called "Reels".

"The reels are versions of YouTube on popular story format, but designed specifically for YouTube creators," said Roy. "We've learned that you want to have the flexibility to create multiple reels and that they do not expire, so we'll give you those options."

The commitment of the viewer is the goal

In the meantime, the good news for small business owners is that your most engaged viewers will now be able to see your community messages in their home feeds whether or not they are subscribed to. your channel. In order for your community to not feel spammed, YouTube has also cleverly optimized notifications so your fans can see your updates, but they will not necessarily receive all the new community posts you post.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube Community is now only available to users with a significant enough number of YouTube subscribers (at least 10,000 subscribers) and we hope that they will be extended to users whose number of subscribers is lower.

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Image: YouTube Creator Blog