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Zapier facilitates team collaboration on the workflows of their applications

Earlier this year, Zapier launched a $ 250 / month team plan for its workflow automation service. Today, it adds long-awaited features that will facilitate collaboration between teams. This is in the form of shared folders, which does not seem to be a big problem, but it greatly facilitates team collaboration on workflows.

Until now, sharing your workflows with other people in your company was virtually impossible. In addition to facilitating collaboration, Zapier also notes that it adds flexibility and transparency to the way companies use the service.

The basic idea here is that no matter who on a Zapier for Teams account can add its workflows (or "Zaps", as the company likes to call them) , to a shared folder and share them with the team. Anyone in the team can then see and edit these Zaps and, if necessary, clone them as well.

A major benefit here is that when you connect these workflows to business accounts on third – party applications like Trello or Dropbox, all users in the team now have access to them, even if they are not. they do not know the real identification information.

Zapier tells me that current users of the teams include Greenpeace, Intercom, Asana and Foursquare.