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Zimbabwe exchange adds Ethereum, re-activates the purchase of Bitcoin

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The only cryptocurrency trading platform in Zimbabwe, has added Etherium and Bitcoin Gold, allowing trading in both digital assets in the country.

The Zimbabwe Cryptocurrency Exchange announced Friday in an email to traders and users of its platform: "We have now added Etherium and Bitcoin Gold to the site." The Golix trading platform already allows trading in Bitcoin. suffered a two-day disruption to their order books after a technical glitch on the platform. Golix also informed Friday that the trading platform was back. "We would like to inform you that Golix is ​​now operating normally," said the exchange in an email sent to Bitcoin traders and platform users for Zimbabwe.

Bitcoin's interest and trade in Zimbabwe have been firm, say experts at the platform.

Bitcoin prices have boomed around the world and have almost doubled the world average in recent months. On Friday, Bitcoin prices in Zimbabwe were over $ 30,000 as the country continued to suffer from the liquidity and currency crisis.

The new measures announced by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa, such as the spread of digital and plastic money and the promotion of foreign exchange production by improving exports, have done little to alleviate the shortages of currencies and overcome obstacles. sending and remitting foreign currency to and from Zimbabwe.

Golix stated that the two-day blackout on the stock market's backlog had been undertaken to protect traders and holders from price volatility pending finalization of the technical problem that had taken longer to resolve. .

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"We have decided to cancel all pending orders to protect you from the volatility of cryptocurrency prices.It took so long to fix it, but to solve the production problems, it is important to we take our time and pay attention, "said Mr. Golix


Zimbabwean economists say the soaring price of Bitcoin in the country reflects skepticism towards other assets in Zimbabwe, as well as the inability to send money from the country. money outside the country through official channels.

In October, Golix traded Bitcoin's commercial values ​​rising to $ 1 million while banks in Zimbabwe fail to make international transactions on time. The Zimbabwean government also said that mobile money was up, Zimbabwe's Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority said Thursday that mobile wallet transactions reached $ 1.2 billion for the third quarter at the end of September.

The stat, however, does not include the value of Bitcoin transactions because the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) says that cryptocurrency is not yet legal in Zimbabwe because the bank is continuing its research on the trade and use of bitcoins in the country.

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