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ZOHO Sprints is the latest Agile project management application for small businesses

If your small business is busy with potentially deliverable products, planning and tracking these shipments could be much easier and more effective for your team.

Zoho Corporation, a provider of enterprise management software (SaaS), has launched a new agile project management application called Zoho Sprints.

Presented as an "agile project management solution" for businesses, Zoho Sprints is designed to help you deliver the right products on time, and always ready for change.

Zoho Sprints Agile Project Management Solution

According to the company, which offers a suite of online productivity tools and SaaS applications Zoho Sprints helps companies recover their agility by allowing teams to work iteratively and gradually on short periods. Quickly releases deliverables.

"Agile project management formalizes this spirit of improvisation and Zoho Sprints brings this spirit to life for all agile teams," said Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho, in a statement announcing Zoho Sprints, which combines arrears, reports agile, collaboration tools and customizable mat boards.

Small businesses can set up a project plan with the Backlog, find out where each task is located with the Scrum Board, and access analytics that enable change with real-time speed graphs, Burn-Down reports, and cumulative flow diagrams. They can also work with collaborative tools for colocated and distributed teams and track work hours using Sprints.

Sprint Price Plans

Zoho Sprints has a free and paid plan. The free plan supports up to five users and five projects, while the paid plan supports up to 20 users. The paid plan starts at $ 20 a month for as many projects as you want.

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"Our prices go down with the growth of your team – the following 80 users can be added to $ 3 per user, the next 100 to $ 2 per user, and additional users to $ 1 each", explains L & 39. Zoho Sprints team. post on the company blog.

Sprints is available for desktop computers and Android and iOS devices.

Image: Zoho